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The 7 PRINCE2® Themes

The 7 PRINCE2 Themes are aspects of project management that need to be addressed though out a project if it stands any chance of being a success.  The PRINCE2 manual gives you guidance on how to approach these aspects of project management.

So what are the 7 PRINCE2 Themes?

  1. Business Case – every project requires a Business Case.  It’s what ensures the project is justified. PRINCE2 provides guidance on the Business Case development process as well as a description of the content for a Business Case.
  2. Organisation – this is where PRINCE2 provides guidance on what shape the organisational structure of your project should take, what roles should be carried out on the project management team.
  3. Quality – the project needs to deliver a fit for purpose quality product. PRINCE2 provides guidance on how to do this by providing a quality audit trail for the project to follow.
  4. Plans – PRINCE2 has a strong focus on planning. We shouldn’t just jump in and do it. PRINCE2 provides you with a planning procedure to follow and also a technique to help you scope your project properly.
  5. Risk – every project is risky. PRINCE2 provides you with a risk management procedure that will allow you to manage risk more effectively.
  6. Change – projects are all about change.  They are how you deliver change to your organisation.  So projects themselves will change.  We need to manage this change to avoid scope creep.  PRINCE2 provides guidance on how to do this.
  7. Progress – your project needs to track progress. If it doesn’t there is a good chance it will fail. The progress theme discusses how you can track progress effectively through the likes of setting tolerances and breaking the project in to manageable chunks.